We have over 50 years of experience in cable assembly and produce a wide range of solutions for a wide variety of requirements.

We offer a wide range of standard products and customised solutions.These include single strands, ribbon cables, sheathed cables, coaxial cables, cable harnesses, special services, various assemblies and components, transformers and components for power supplies.



Cable assembly

Single strands

Single strands are highly flexible electrical conductors that consist of many thin copper wires and are manufactured in various cross-sections. The conductor is usually coated with PVC insulation. They are used wherever bendable, flexible and hard-wearing conductors are required and also where space is limited. We offer single strands in all conceivable cross-sections and variants, and of course we customise them to customer specifications.


Ribbon cables

In ribbon cables, the so-called conductors are placed parallel to each other in a certain grid dimension and stripped by a PVC sheath. As ribbon cables are primarily used for digital data transmission, precise processing is very important in order to avoid machine failure and high repair costs.


Sheathed cables

A sheathed cable consists of a bundle of many single strands and is surrounded by a hard-wearing sheath insulation. This sheath protects the strands from various harmful influences and is often used where cables are protected from moisture and UV radiation. Sheathed cables are also used for high-speed data transmission as LVDS cables. We customise all cross-sections and variants. Our services also include stripping, stripping, sheathing and contacting connectors for display control.


Coaxial cables

A coaxial cable has an inner and an outer conductor. The latter is made of thin interwoven wires that enclose the inner conductor like a tube. Both conductors are separated from each other by electrical insulation. The special design makes coaxial cables very resistant to interference, which is why they are often used in the transmission of broadcast signals and data and in measurement technology with high-frequency signals. We offer a wide range of products to cover all applications. We are also happy to manufacture to your exact specifications.


Cable harnesses

A cable harness is a strand consisting of several pre-assembled strands. It is often used for signal transmission or as an electrical conductor in complex machines. A great deal of experience and a high degree of concentration is required for production, from design to final assembly. Our trained personnel realise all customer requirements - from the start of the project to series production.


Special cables

Cable solutions that deviate from the configuration of a standard cable are called special cables. This can relate, for example, to the number of strands or the conductor material or even the technical specifications, such as cross-section, insulation, length, colour or shape. This means that all cables that have to fulfil special criteria and cannot be covered by standard cables are considered special cables. This is where special cables and hybrid cables come into play. Cable harnesses are also categorised as special cables.



As your full-service partner, we also offer the complete assembly of assemblies and semi-finished products. We utilise various processing techniques and testing procedures and, with our large selection of components, can meet virtually any customer requirement and also make adjustments at short notice.





It is common for other components such as resistors, IC chips or components to be installed in assemblies and semi-finished products in addition to customised cable assemblies and for the scope of delivery to be expanded to include other components, e.g. for final assembly. This allows us to provide comprehensive and efficient products that meet the specific requirements of our customers and ensure smooth further processing. Our one-ramp solutions also demonstrate our expertise when it comes to more than just cable processing. We provide you with complete solutions from a single source.


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