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Werap Cabling specialises in the development and production of customised technical solutions in the field of cable assembly. We provide you with quality products “Made in Germany” – delivered quickly and at an excellent price-performance ratio. We are able to produce small and large series, innovative special solutions or complex assemblies reliably and quickly. Throughout the entire process, our professional support team will assist you with technical advice, planning and other requests. This not only ensures consistently high quality, but also allows us to invest in a healthy, long-term partnership.
With our location in Gerstetten, in the heart of southern Germany – close to Ulm, Stuttgart and Munich – we also have excellent air and sea freight connections.



Technology solutions from a single source

Crimping technology

In this process, two components are crimped together so tightly that they can no longer be separated. The connection between the contact and stranded wire is very durable, robust and conductive and is used for both small and large series. Depending on the scope and requirements, we can crimp semi-automatically or fully automatically and carry out a pull-off test and microsection analysis for quality assurance to ensure a high-quality, gas-tight and conductive connection. We manufacture both single and multi-core cables and cable harnesses. Production takes place entirely in-house, allowing us to flexibly control and customise every process.


Insulation displacement technology

Insulation displacement technology is a simple, solder-free assembly process that enables cost-effective production of connectors, even in large quantities. The process works particularly well for single strands and ribbon cables. We produce all our cables in-house, whether in small quantities or large series.


Moulding technology and hotmelt

These are techniques in which a potting compound is applied to electrical and/or electronic components in order to encapsulate them. PU or epoxy resin is used for this. The result is a strong bond that also protects against cold, moisture, chemical and mechanical influences and corrosion. The bond also provides strong strain relief, can be used in explosion-protected areas and offers reliable protection against vandalism. During production, we take meticulous care to ensure high-quality moulding, exact processing temperatures and curing times and to prevent the formation of bubbles. Production takes place in-house, so we can offer you all-round quality with a clear conscience.


Soldering technology

Soldering technology requires a great deal of precision and experience. In this multi-stage process, our experienced specialists connect the components by applying and fusing a metal alloy. The result is a high-quality, electrically conductive bond between the cable and the component. Soldered connections are often used for small installation sizes and in the field of semiconductor technology or power electronics.


Assembly of printed circuit boards

Printed circuit boards and the corresponding cable assemblies are used wherever there are electronic devices. The connections can be soldered or implemented using connectors. We offer a wide range of connection and processing techniques and manufacture completely in-house. Our trained personnel can also handle complex requirements.


One-ramp solutions

After cable assembly, we can provide you with additional services from a single source – for example, adding and packaging additional components, bundling and labelling assembled cables and much more... This not only streamlines your delivery processes, it also saves costs, time and stress. Of course, you can also obtain our service as a white label solution in your own corporate design.


Electrical function test

The functional testing of conductive assemblies is an important service. Faults can occur, for example, in cables, in the conductor itself or in the connector or other connecting part. Our team is trained to carry out electrical function checks up to 1500 V to ensure stable and high quality.


Cable labelling

Of course, we also support you with cable labelling. There are many methods available for this, such as direct printing, shrink tubing, labelling or marking using flags. The requirements also vary – depending on the application, the solutions must be robust and smudge-proof or easy to read on convex surfaces.


Cable taping

In the production of complex cable harnesses, different cable strands are connected by taping. A number of technical requirements must be met for this. For example, the permanent sheathing of the individual conductors must be guaranteed and protection against damage, weathering and chemical influences must also be provided.


Cable bundling

Bundling individual cables is also a part of cable assembly. In this area, we can work according to customer requirements and bundle specific cable diameters with various fixing materials. We carry out all stages of assembly in-house, allowing us to respond quickly and flexibly to your requirements.



Twisting cables reduces the effects of electrical and magnetic fields on the cable cores. This makes the cable less susceptible to interference. Different twisting directions and lay lengths are used for twisting. This requires precise work to ensure consistent quality. It goes without saying that we produce according to your customised specifications.



Certified security

It is incredibly important to us to maintain high quality standards at all times and in all production processes. Only this strictly practised consistency ensures greater trust and success. Our certifications confirm that WERAP fulfils all standards and quality requirements one hundred percent – for the sake of quality, safety and the environment. We produce economically and carry out continuous optimisation in production, material procurement, engineering and logistics. We also ensure that the quality and ecological standards of our suppliers and partners meet our requirements.


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